Daniel Feuerriegel

Daniel Feuerriegel Daniel Feuerriegel is a creator of works that react to memory and experience. Inspired by his research into cognitive psychology and neuroscience, he constructs dense noise flows that cooperate with a listener’s thoughts to create new sounds in the mind.

Raised in a small town between the desert and the sea, he has always been struck by the sounds that create the feel of a place, especially in cities. On an exchange to Kumamoto, Japan he started to record the sounds that were important to his life in this new culture. These sounds were then weaved into compositions to build sound forms that change depending on who is listening.

Daniel is currently an assistant in a cognitive neuroscience laboratory and uses cognitive concepts to guide his personal research into sound. He is also developing devices to develop new sensory abilities.

Official Site: Feuerriegel
FNR Releases:  The Sea was Screaming


Daniel Feuerriegel Daniel Feuerriegelは「認知聴取のための音」と呼ばれる人間の知覚を中心に研究している心理学部生で、認知心理学の研究を利用し彼自身が録音した世界を聞き手が脳内で再構築することで新たな認知が生まれるという、知覚を聴覚と繋げて普段の感覚にない「音」を創造する異色のアーティスト。



Official Site: Feuerriegel
FNR Releases: The Sea was Screaming